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The School and the Lessons

          Your House Language Schools are situated in the centre of two beautiful and lively cities, Torelló and Vic. Both places are in the heart of Catalonia.

          Students from all over the world come to Your House Language Schools to learn to speak or to improve their chosen language/s. Regardless of their cultural background, mother tongue or origin, we are happy to offer you our excellence in the linguistic field.

          We will determine your level upon your arrival in order to direct you to your appropriate level.

          All our students find themselves happy in their new surroundings thanks to the number of organized elements at their disposal.

          Our syllabuses are flexible and can be adapted to the needs of every student. However, our levels match closely the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, hence, students benefit from an international standard of their language acquisition.

          Once the student has achieved a certain level, he/she will receive a certificate that proves his/her progress in such language.

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The School and the Lessons  - Your House - Vic - Torelló

Your House Idiomes
C/ Sant Antoni, 4 - 08500 Vic
Pl. Nova, 15 - 08570 Torelló
Barcelona (Spain)
TEL. (+34) 609112475

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Skype: yourhouseidiomes

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