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Translation and Interpreting

          Interpreting Services

Your House Interpreting Service includes a wide range of professional fields, such as: business, conferences, meetings, etc. Our service is offered by continuous interpreting which links the two languages simultaneously.

We are a team of professionals in the language world who offer our services to our customers wherever necessary, whether it is in our country or anywhere else in the world.

          These are some of the tasks we have previously done: commercial agreements, meetings between manufacturers and their agents, foreign market inspections, raw material purchasing, and so on. We also offer our services in other fields such as: medicine, technology and research.


          Your House offers translations, corrections and interpreting to companies or individuals in a fast, clear and easy way:

          1- Send us an Email with your original text as an attachment.

          2- We will then contact you with the corresponding fee.

3- Then please send us your acceptance notice indicating your account number and we will charge half of the total amount of your order.

4- Finally, we will deliver the translation along with the invoice for the outstanding amount.

          Please, contact us for prices.


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