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          The school

We have organized language courses in the Barcelona region since 1987 and are proud to be one of the leading and most well known institutions in modern language teaching.

Thanks to the schools' moderate size and fully equipped classrooms, we can always offer the highest quality of education in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

          Given that our schools are located in the city centres, a wide range of leisure, cultural and catering facilities are very nearby such as: coffee bars, restaurants, libraries, theatres, nightclubs, cinemas, monuments, gyms, etc.


Our Students

          Students from all over the world come to Your House Language Schools to learn to speak or to improve their Spanish language. Regardless of their cultural background, mother tongue or origin, we are happy to offer you our excellence in the linguistic field.

          We will determine your level upon your arrival in order to direct you to your appropriate class group. All our students find themselves happy in their new surrounding thanks to the number of organized activities at their disposal: at the school, the hostel/ hotel or the host family house, sightseeing activities, etc. You are welcome any time of the year.

General Courses

          This Course is aimed at students throughout the world who want to study Spanish in our reduced-group classrooms - our standard class size is 10 members per group. Any student can benefit from a friendly comfortable atmosphere and a fast-paced learning environment whatever his/her educational background, age, or level of Spanish may be. Thanks to our highly qualified and experienced Spanish teachers, the selection of the best resources and our favourable sorrundings, students will have an unbeatable language acquisition experience. They may take classes in one of our levels of difficulty: elementary, intermediate or post-intermediate.

          The classes take place in the morning, afternoon, or evening at a pre-established time which will be fixed before starting the lessons. The length of the courses range from one week to the whole year.

Private Lessons

One to one lessons are aimed at people who want to take individual classes where they can benefit from a fully personalized and tailor-made experience. The teacher will be available at all times and able to answer all of their inquiries.

The surroundings

          Your House Language Schools are situated in the centre of Vic and Torelló, two beautiful and lively cities in the heart of
Catalonia, Northeast of Spain. They are easily reached from Barcelona and you can enjoy a most spectacular view of the mountains around both places either in winter or in summer.

There are many sports and leisure activities you can experience in this region: Trekking in the mountains with breathtaking panoramic sights of the valley or horseback riding through the countryside. Perhaps, it would be a good idea discovering our typical nearby villages full of charm; walk along their narrow streets and enjoy your time talking to our friendly local people. Alternatively, you can spend a splendid day in Barcelona walking along Les Rambles and visiting the extraordinary and unique Gaudi buildings including Sagrada Familia and the many interesting tourist attractions.

Our Students' Opinions

          Rahima Haddassi, Mombassa. Kenya.

          I wanted to integrate to this interesting society, so I was looking for ways to learn the language in order to fit in with the native people, the customs, etc. So after a few weeks of studying at Your House, I could communicate with the people and that makes me very happy.

Patricia Hoggs.
USA.     Patricia Hoggs. USA. 

          I was on my hometown wanting to travel and get rid of the monotony of my life. One day by chance, I came across the Your House website, I applied for their Spanish courses, filled in the registration form and here I am now in Torelló, happy to study Spanish in a new environment. My life has totally changed.


The first minute I saw Your House on the net, I felt I wanted to study there, its bright colours and the design of their logo appealed to me, then I learned about its favourable situation in the city and I wanted to check it out. The quality of their teaching turned out to be better than anything else.

Martey Ahmed.

I enrolled in Your House as a Spanish illiterate, but within a year I had achieved different levels of difficulty and at the end of such time I could secure my place at the University of Barcelona to study Economics and Jurisprudence.

          Sam Ralgh.

I found a friendly atmosphere at Your House and their teachers helped me a great deal with my Spanish from the very first day. I can only thank them for what they did for my new language knowledge.

          The Location


By plane:

From the Prat Airport in the South of Barcelona, you take the L2 (Nord) train up to Sants Station in the centre of the city (30 minutes); you change trains at Sants Station and take the R3 Train to Vic/ Ripoll/ Puigcerdà/ La Tour de Querol and get off at Vic/ Torelló (60-80 minutes).

By car:

If you drive along the A7 North-South motorway, you need to take the C17; L'eix Transversal South of Girona and drive towards Vic, and then, follow the Torelló indications in Vic.

          Cultural Activities ongoing in Torelló or Vic

          We organize a wide range of cultural activities while you are doing the Spanish course such as: sightseeing tours around the area and to the city centre, visits to monuments, theatre, sports, club outings, evening parties and so on. Torelló and Vic are well connected to
Barcelona; there are hourly trains to Plaça Catalunya and other attractions in hte city-centre. You can learn Spanish in our school while spending your days in this beautiful area - an experience that you will never forget.

          For further information about Torelló/ Vic, please, click here. 

Application Form

Click on Application Form to fill out details about yourself. Once you have filled the Application Form, please, send it by post or by email in an attached file with your payment document in order for the school to send you the invitation letter. Please, include information about your preferred lodging option. 


A.  At a local hotel/hostel.

Half board (breakfast and evening meal).

          B. Private Family accommodation in a sigle room, full board.

          C. Private room in a shared flat.

Request for Information

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